HISTORY wants all fans to have access to memorable live experiences, regardless of ability.

Accessible Seating

  • Tickets for the Accessible Seating Area (ASA) are available for purchase on Ticketmaster

  • The Accessible Seating Area is located on the Mezzanine level.


  • All main entrances to the venue are at street level and free of steps.

Elevators and Ramps

  • Within the building, ramps and elevators are available for those that require them. 

  • The ramp will provide access to the Coat Check and the Lower General Admission (GA) area.

  • The elevator, located in the south-east corner of the venue, will provide access to the Mezzanine level where the Accessible Seating Area (ASA) is located.  

  • Wheelchairs are able to access the General Admission Floor areas of the ground level and the Mezzanine.


  • All General Admission washrooms on the Ground Floor and the Mezzanine are equipped with accessible/barrier-free stalls.

  • Two universal barrier-free washrooms on the ground floor are available for anyone that requires access to them from the General Admission area or the Mezzanine.